Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Azzurri, Marshalls, and weird fishes

Well, idle Italy fell a spot in the Euro 2008 standings when France won and Scotland lost yesterday. However, they are playing Scotland on 11/17 which should be a fun game. Actually, Italy wasn't idle - they played a friendly against 2010 World Cup host South Africa, and won 2-0. Italy plays 11/17 and 11/21 in their last two they can decide their own fate at this point, if they can beat Scotland.

Went to Marshalls last night with the missus. This was a really "nice" one, one town over. They had an okay selection of men's stuff; most of it seemed to be women's and houseware type stuff though. I had to listen to some illegal immigrant talk on her phone about some "white bitch" who pissed her off while she was driving, or something. Gotta love ingrates...that "white bitch" very likely helps pay the government's rent fee on the project she lives in. OK, maybe that's unfair. Actually, screw it, it's not. When people act like trash in public, alternating between spanish and english on a cell phone and being damn sure everyone around them can hear EXACTLY what they're saying, I can't help but to assume the person IS trash. Show me otherwise and I'll change my mind, but in the meantime, you're nothing.

Then the very talented, very qualified cash register jockeys at Marshalls completely ignored me for 15 minutes. If not for my wife's stuff, I would have dropped the stuff I had and just left the store. One woman even went so far as to go alllllll the way around me to the other side of the line and wait in back of another woman at a register...which was akin to cutting me in line. I blew past her in my car on the way out of the parking lot, though SO WHO GOT THE LAST LAUGH?? HUH?? Yeah, I'm sick.

After a lovely dinner prepared by the missus - no, really! [Edit: this comment, "no, really!" was not taken well by the missus. What i mean here is that everything else in this blog is sarcastic, but I was being quite serious when I wrote that my dinner was lovely. My wife can outcook you AND your mother any day of the week. Continue on!] - including fish and veggies, I then listened to a song called "Weird Fishes/Arpeggi" from the new Radiohead album. Very appropriate. That song is really good - go download it, it's nearly free (

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