Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sports - 10/17/07

I already spoke about the Sox before. But how 'bout them Patriots? This article by Bill Simmons is a perfect summary of how fans feel about the Pats this year. No one in New England cares about the videotaping scandal anymore. No one here feels Belichick's reputation is tainted. Everyone knows this team is capable of going 19-0. God, I can't wait for the Colts' game Nov. 4th.

I remember saying to my father before the start of the 2005 NFL Season, when the Pats looked like a frontrunner to defend their title for a second straight time, that "I just want the Patriots to HURT people this year." Turns out I was two years too early. After a couple of very memorable seasons in 2005 and 2006, including memorable playoff wins and losses (San Diego, Denver, Indy), they are turning that corner and becoming that ridiculously dominating team you knew they'd become eventually with the perfect squad. They are beating up on the rest of the league by an average of something like 17 points. They saved one of their largest margins of victory this year for a hyped-up 5-0 Cowboys team. They even silenced Terrell Owens BEFORE a game, which no one on Earth figured was possible before last week. And it looks like they might just keep on rollin'.


I found a blog about my favorite international team, the Italian National football team (, last year after the World Cup 2006 victory. Tony from the midwest has a cool blog going about the Italian national team, who have lived up to their recent FIFA #1 world ranking lately. Check his blog for updates on the Azzurri ( They are second only to Scotland in their group standings, Scotland being quite the surprising, breakout team this year, with a HUGE qualifier looming for November 17th between the two. Should be a good one, folks. "Getcha popcorn ready."

Italy are reigning world champs with tons of young talent coming up for World Cup 2010 (South Africa - anyone wanna join me?), with a great shot at taking Euro 2008 by storm. They may be able to tie Brazil with five world cup titles in 2010 if their under-17 and under-21 teams are any indication of what this team can do in coming years. Guys like De Rossi and Gattusso who play their hearts out and give the other team as much flack as possible during games make them even more fun to watch. This is yet another "eff-you" team that I happen to love. Seeing a pattern yet?

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