Thursday, October 25, 2007

WS Game 1 - Red Sox win, 13-1

Out of 103 World Series played, last night's game had...

- The largest margin of victory in Game 1 of a World Series, as well as the highest amount of runs scored by a single team in Game 1 of the Series (13)

- The Sox tying (8) for most extra base hits in a World Series game in the fifth inning (which would have been broken easily had the Rockies not walked home a few runs in the later innings)

- The Sox going an entire turn through their lineup (all nine hitters) in one inning WITH TWO OUTS. That's right...nine straight hitters reaching base, which is what happened in the bottom of the fifth when the game became hopelessly out of reach for Colorado.

- The Sox capping a three-game tear by scoring double-digits in Games 6 & 7 of the ALCS as well as Game 1 of the World Series. No other team in history has four straight postseason games with 10+ runs.

- Oh, and the first time meat actually caught fire on the field of a World Series game. I think I saw some flames shoot out from the meat that Beckett threw. That's right...he hurled MEAT.

I think about 500 other first-time World Series events occurred last night too, which isn't surprising given Beckett was on the mound, and a 5-foot-4 midget, who could double as Nelson De La Rosa (a.k.a. Mahow) is hitting home runs every time he steps to the plate. I mean, even the Sox' leadoff guy is hitting meatballs into the stands, and on a regular basis. As for Beckett, he came very close to tying the consecutive strikeout record to start a World Series Game 1. He gave up a double in the second inning after four consecutive K's to start the game, and then promptly struck out the next of the Rockies.

Was it a World Series game, or JV vs. Varsity? The Sox have put together a run that is highlighting Patriots-like dominance on the field. If Schill can deliver tonight, this should be a short Series.

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