Friday, October 19, 2007

Lost Boys 2

Most of you might ask, "Wait a minute - what was the FIRST Lost Boys movie about?" For experienced 80's culture revivalists like myself (ok, I was about 7 when the original movie came out, but my older sibling made damn sure I was scared of vampires after Lost Boys), Lost Boys was a classic vampire tale re-told in solid 80's form. Keifer Sutherland (I can't watch 24 - he's a vampire, FOR REAL, and that's the end of it) was amazing as a vampire goon who drinks bloodwine, has a vampire posse, and has the ability to make chinese rice look like maggots. "How are the maggots, Michael? Those are maggots you're eating."

Anyway, apparently Corey Feldhaim (oops, sorry, they're two people - Corey Feldman and Corey Haim) are no longer buds. The short-lived reunion ended abruptly when Feldman apparently felt "something is wrong" with his 80's straight-to-video acting partner. After seeing those recent MTV shows where Feldman guest-starred and did nothing but talk about how his parents messed him up (I think his most memorable performance in the 90's was on Married...With Children), I can't believe one of them would actually be judging the other.

Oh well. You know Lost Boys 2 is going to be a classic when the sixth person on the cast listing is "Screaming Woman".

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