Tuesday, October 23, 2007

One always looks neat, in a hat made from meat.

Happy day! One night after I rediscovered my love of human cannibalism on film, I had yet another ridiculous email back-and-forth with my buddy GB. GB and I like to joke about meat, and he is mostly repsonsible for my love of the word "meat" (see blog posting below). This particular back and forth ultimately pointed to, as always, meat. In my google search for a nice meat-hat picture, I stumbled upon a site called hatsofmeat.com. Some choice excerpts (cuts?) are included below, but I encourage an actual visit to the site.

This here internet thing is truly amazing. I've finally found out that goons like me DO exist elsewhere!

Ring in the New Year in Manhattan's Central Park with party hats of beef and chicken teriyaki! A barbecue and concert make this an old acquaintance that should not be forgot. For one night, New York City becomes 'Meathattan!'

Q: Is there such thing as a wig or toupee of meat?A: Yes. Manhattan’s trendy “Meatheads” shop offers a wide selection of hair replacement options made entirely of meat.

The expression “I’ll eat my hat” traces back as far as the 19th century, usually credited to Abraham Lincoln in reference to one of his trademark stovepipe hats, which were often made of tenderloin.

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