Friday, October 19, 2007

Ralph Snart

Some of you may not know who, or what, Ralph Snart is.

These sites should help. Figured I would let those of you who don't know me very well in on the secret. Oh, did I mention I have an autographed beer stein with Ralph Snart on it? Yeah, I really am that lame. (or Click around and dig into the site, it'll help. Good site, to which I've actually contributed in the past.

Marc Hansen used to have all his past Snart stuff online to read, but unfortunately, he struck a deal to re-publish some of this stuff in hard copy, to which the publishers replied, "well, take down the online stuff and you got a deal".

And how did I come across this frightening hobby? My father's friend, with a son about my age, introduced me to Ralph Snart in 1988. That's right, about fourth grade or so. I told everyone about it and became the most annoying little jerk in elementary school. That label kinda stuck until college, by the way...anyway, I still have every Snart volume one could have purchased up through the mid-1990's, sealed in bags and backboards up in my parent's attic. It's about time I go up there and become even MORE lame by reading through all of them, in hard copy, once again. See you in about three weeks.

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