Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's for you...I want YOU to have it!

One of the best cinematic moments of all time was when good ol' character actor Frederic Forrest showed up (where the hell had he been since Apocalypse Now, anyway?) in Falling Down.

Background: Falling Down was a movie I watched every single day for a 3 month period in 1994 when it made its way onto the Pay-Per-View channels. It was released in the cinema in the spring of 1993. Back in the mid-90's, we had one of them cable black-boxes which unscrambled all the PPV channels. The thing is, they didn't have an OnDemand menu back then, so they just showed their feature movie of the month for days on end without stopping, and when people wanted to pay for it, the cable company would direct them to a channel and a time. The only way this could possibly be convenient would be if they were showing the movie all the time, so people wouldn't have to wait. So it was kinda like dedicated channels to individual movies, before one could pause or record live TV on a box, and of course the selections were limited as there were maybe 10 "real" movies and then a bunch of spice to watch in the wee hours. Of course, this sucked...unless you were like me in high school; a goon with an addictive personality who loved homophobic Nazi surplus-store owners with sudden & severe moodswings.

This has gone down as a CLASSIC scene in cinema. OK, only for me, but have to see the humor. Fred Forrest plays this part to sheer brilliance, and it's no wonder he was never heard from again after Nick the Nazi met his doom at the business end of a knife AND gun. Who could possibly top this performance? If I was a filmmaker, I'd make it big with a really great Boston film (apparently we're still waiting for that film) and then, after winning an Oscar, I would come back with a re-make of Falling Down just to piss everyone off - except I'd re-work the script so the ENTIRE STORY is about these precious seven minutes with Nick. I would, of course, play Nick - or hire GB for the part, who can't even be described in the same post as Nick for fear my head will explode. Now, who to play Michael Douglas' character? The ol' fart could come back for one more smackdown as Bill "D-Fens" Foster, don't ya think? Well, you tell me - watch the clip.

Oh, and besides me, there are other goons out there who seem to have made Nick a bit of a cult hero. There are many Nick-related pages at; I'll edit this post to link to more than just the below 4 later on. Strange site overall, but even more strange that someone actually thought to post this crap online after 14 years. Is it time to call Falling Down a cult classic? Methinkso.

Nick Soundboards:

[Edit 10/19/07: No, I'm not a homophobe and I apologize for the site names on the first two links above. All you politically correct types, keep your hippie-mouths shut and bask in the humor. I never said this blog was Rated G, now, did I?]

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