Friday, October 19, 2007

Bruegger's and the sub-average individuals

Back in my college days, myself and my friend PS (again...not using real names on here for the sake of the innocent) would occasionally study at the Bruegger's Bagels in Kenmore Square. It allowed us some fresh air outside of the nearby dorms, as well as interaction with people. Plus, you know, it's the middle of Boston - SOME hot chicks must be walking by at some point, right? Not that we couldn't see that in our dorm, but ... well, let's just move on.

PS would always get some strange combo, like a blueberry bagel with strawberry cream cheese. I figured, hey, what the hell - creature of habit that I am, I still want to try something new and tasty, and we're here all day, so why not have TWO crazy bagels? Good times. Lots of studying actually got done, which is surprising. Lots of great, forgotten moments occurred as well, but one remains in my mind, and remains a great joke for both of us to this very day.

One day, I was talking about the fact that my mother and I had gone to that very Bruegger's when moving me into the area a few months prior, to get a quick bite to eat and a coffee. It was right around the corner from where I was living. I told PS, that when my mother & I had been there, she pointed out that she hated the cashier and most of the employees as they "had an attitude". PS decided he would lift his head up from studying - pencil in hand, nose in book - and make an astute observation about all of the individuals in the place at that moment, while nodding his head, all professor-like:

"Hmm...I'd say the overall quality of the people in this room is below average."

I cracked up & couldn't stop. This was maybe eight years ago now but the way he said it and the tone of voice was perfect. It's really quite an observation, when you think about it - looking around and realizing you simply would never want to speak to any of these people you are in the same room with, eating with, in any other situation. You're merely tolerating their presence. This sometimes is lost on college kids, jaded from lack of personal space and roommates with disgusting habits. Kind of reminds me of Thom Yorke, who sometimes brings up the American commuter hell by saying "you're sitting there, in traffic, not moving..and you're thinking to yourself, 'there MUST be something else I should be doing'."

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