Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I've been fascinated with the word "meat" lately. I have no idea why, but I even thought that a drink should be made of fermented meat, called Meate, with an "e", kinda like Meade. What is wrong with me? I have no idea, and I don't know how anyone in my life can stand me anymore with moments like these (see below - an actual IM conversation between me and a friend):

Me (04:32:31 pm): if italy wins that, they write their ticket into the finals pretty much...all they'd have to do is draw after that

Me (04:34:12 pm): yeh...gonna be a meat-fest

Me (04:34:17 pm): they're gona feed scotland some raw meat yeh

Me (04:34:20 pm): during the game

Ant’ny (04:34:22 pm): LOL

Me (04:34:22 pm): when it's 7-0

Me (04:34:27 pm): scotland will need to eat raw meat to stay in the game

Me (04:34:30 pm): they should do this once a year

Me (04:34:33 pm): have a meat-match

Me (04:34:38 pm): dude

Me (04:34:39 pm): i'm tapped

Me (04:34:41 pm): off the deep end

Me (04:34:42 pm): kaput

Ant’ny (04:35:01 pm): done

Me (04:35:07 pm): all done

Ant’ny (04:35:12 pm): d'aoh

Me (04:35:13 pm): i need to just start writing shit

Ant’ny (04:35:18 pm): lol

Ant’ny (04:35:19 pm): make a movie

Me (04:35:24 pm): and selling it as a reality show or something

Me (04:35:27 pm): make a movie w/ ant'ny

Me (04:35:30 pm): call it pie

Me (04:35:31 pm): not Pi

Me (04:35:34 pm): the indie classic

Me (04:35:35 pm): but Pie

Ant’ny (04:35:41 pm): lol

Me (04:35:44 pm): where one man thinks he has the answers to a perfect PIE

Ant’ny (04:35:44 pm): have u seen

Ant’ny (04:35:48 pm): requiem for a dream?

Me (04:35:50 pm): and the government comes after him for the recipe

Me (04:35:54 pm): not yet

Ant’ny (04:36:08 pm): that movie is insaaaane

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