Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Oasis recording louder, more psychedelic songs for seventh studio album

Not much more I can say about it that NME or BBC doesn't already tell you...so here are the links:

Should be a good effort. Well, it kind of has to be...my personal opinion is that they've been getting better since 2000's terrible Standing on the Shoulder of Giants, so hopefully they improve on their last album which had more highs than their previous two works combined.

Radiohead, Oasis, AND the Verve succeeding in the US at the same time again? I never had to leave the year 1997, did I? Maybe they should make a Back to the Future IV with me as Marty McFly, trying to change the future so Oasis wouldn't make Be Here Now so bloated. Yeah, that'll work...anyone for Zemeckis' number?

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