Monday, July 21, 2008

Women claim to be ordained as priests

A group advocating for the ordination of women held a ceremony yesterday in a packed Protestant church at which it declared three women to be Catholic priests and a fourth woman to be a deacon.

The ceremony, like several others that have taken place around the world over the past six years, was denounced by the Roman Catholic Church, and critics said the event was a stunt with no religious significance.


Homosexual/pedophilia scandals; infighting among members of the same church as to who can be priests and who can't; telling third-world citizens to reproduce more and more Catholics for the sake of the Church (which effectively denies the reality of overpopulation)...can't the Church just admit it went corrupt a long time ago, scrap the whole thing, and start over with some basic values that celebrate real life instead of imagined afterlives?

Here's a hint: start out with that book you call "The Bible" - cease treating it as a sacred & untouchable tome when most of the included stories are only in there due to political decisions, not because they contain any special divinity. What I'd like to see are the stories that were excluded because of the same political decisions, maybe that will shed some light on what early Christians actually believed instead of the political mess we have today.

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