Thursday, July 17, 2008

Real Environmentalism vs. Greens

Read: Greens are the Enemies of Liberty

Alex Birch's comments follow. I couldn't have said it better, that's for sure:

While he's got a point that the modern environmentalist movement is kind of silly and only appears to be dogmatically immersed in climate politics, the answer is not to praise more "freedom" that we can't define. He goes on about liberties--how about the liberty to live far away from idiots, shopping malls and polluted ground water? How about the freedom to live in a society where leaders make decisions, not puppet monkeys on TV? How about the freedom to rebuild culture and work less, instead of slaving in corporate offices and then consuming junk to feel alive? We need to redefine what freedom means, and I'm not buying this directionless liberal rhetoric.

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