Friday, July 18, 2008

Lack of shame knows no bounds among some Beach Boys fans

The former Beach Boy and his manager-wife Melinda Wilson responded to unhappy concert-goers after the ‘Stand Up For A Cure’ charity benefit at Hammerstein Ballroom last week (July 11) during which Wilson only played for 75 minutes.

Some tickets for the show cost several hundred dollars, but patrons complained of bad visibility and the fact that Wilson did not play with a full band. They were also unhappy with his choice of songs.


Today's mob mentality and the subsequent lack of shame & decency in modern society apparently knows no bounds.

Can you imagine the gall it takes to attend a charity benefit concert, then to tell the performer his musical performance wasn't quite up to snuff because he wasn't able to emulate 30-year old songs to your satisfaction? Enough people voiced this sentiment, along with the sentiment that they had parted with too much money for what they felt wasn't a strong performance, to the point that Brian Wilson felt he had to take action. This would be like when I donated some money for a friend's road race, only if I asked him for my money back because he didn't finish in the top ten.

I'm not a big fan of charity to begin with, but I am absolutely appalled and amazed that anyone would complain after seeing Brian Wilson in concert at a charity benefit and then ask for their money back or complain about the performance.

I'm even more amazed that Wilson wanted to appease the masses so much that he decided to dig into his own pocket (I'm assuming the charity wasn't asked to refund the money) to part with his money just so these nitwits would sleep better at night. This goes to show just where our priorities are, and on another level, it also shows how pointless charity can be - we either do it because we want to attend a cool event and look good in front of the crowd of other idiots who attend these things, or we do it because we want to feel better about ourselves, not caring that most charity doesn't really do much in the end to help the disadvantaged.

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