Friday, July 04, 2008

Myspace Police Bans page

Interesting how I find out about this on Independence Day - strangely fitting. You're free to stuff yourself full of hot dogs and increase the chance you'll die of diabetes, as well as blowing your hands off via fireworks, but speaking one's mind is no longer a priority in this once-great nation.


Cyberspace - 07/03/08 - The thought police has struck once again, this time banning Corrupt from MySpace. No motivation was given by the company for deleting the popular Corrupt profile account, carrying close to 400 collaborators and friends. The action taken by MySpace is similar to that of Facebook late last year, when it deleted a support group for high school shooter Pekka-Eric Auvinen, revealing the false idea of social networks as "free" and "tolerant."

MySpace didn't delete the Corrupt account because it violated any user terms. It deleted the account because it was growing and becoming an influential force among the people who visited its network of people and resources. Like Facebook, it decided that some ideas are not included in the democratic field of freedom, and so pulled the plug to another dissident. This is how liberal democracy works: paint a public facade where everyone's invited, while excluding any ideas or groups that disagree with the agenda of the financial powers behind the system. It's dishonest, and possibly the most effective method of totalitarianism existing.

Corrupt will not let any of these companies stop us in the struggle to become an influential media power to count on. We continue our efforts elsewhere, but have in the mean time created a new account, located here:

Spread it around to friends and family. Don't forget to add us to your Facebook, lastFM and YouTube profile as well:

Corrupt is an influential thinktank & civilization watchdog that believe a better future for humans will come by embracing reality and not silly bureaucratic, academic or emotional abstractions. Our goal is to critique the society of our current time and get human civilization back on track with sorting out our actual problems.

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