Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mass. Governor wants further aid for illegals

Governor Deval Patrick launched a statewide initiative yesterday to find ways to integrate immigrants into Massachusetts "as quickly as possible" at a time when their numbers are booming.

The New Americans Initiative, modeled after a similar approach in Illinois, calls on state officials, policy advisers, and advocates to hold a series of public meetings across the state and draft a report with policy recommendations by July 1, 2009. The Illinois effort led to expanded English classes and other services.

Patrick has grappled with the immigration issue since he took office last year. He overturned Governor Mitt Romney's executive order allowing state troopers to aid federal immigration agents and ordered the state's prisons to screen for illegal immigrants so that they could be subject to deportation.


Deval is, of course, a puppet for the special interests seeking to stimulate our state economy via increased low-wage workers. We're in a time of cultural crisis - let's face it, all people want is to be entertained and to eat terrible food - and the solution is using taxpayer dollars for higher citizenship rates instead of worrying about a weakened dollar, a system that sold homeowners out and was bailed out by the government - oh and let's not forget about that thousands-year-old religious war we've stuck our big nose into, in the Middle East.

The kicker is that Deval ordered state prisons to screen for illegals to be deported. Any ICE agent will tell you that this method simply does not work. People who are here illegally to break the law by selling drugs, raping young girls, stealing, etc. - these are not the kind of people who care if they are thrown out of the country; they're going to find another way back in, like a cockroach you capture and throw on your front lawn.

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