Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New blog name; revamping

Why did I change the web address of this site, from "" to ""?

At some point - hopefully soon - I will be pointing a genuine, for-real internet address to this location. I haven't figured out what that link is just yet, and I have to register for it (read: pay). In the meantime, since I had an author recently comment on my 7/16/08 post, I figured wouldn't make much sense in relation to the content on this site.

The title is also meant to convey some sense of irony. If you read this content, most modern folks (i.e., "souls") don't think like me at all. Then again, "soul" in this sense is meant to convey an abstraction; the part of us that perceives the world and ourselves, and is constantly trying to find our place within what we perceive. Unfortunately, modern society has taken this idea to the extreme where everyone believes they are their own empire, with the slightest inconvenience becoming the most personal of insults, while society outside their personal space decays. Nihilists - go to or for the specific type of nihilism I speak of here - try to rid themselves of that abstraction as much as possible and focus on what is real, focus on the world around us, and try to enjoy life in a more natural way, while attempting to plan for a society of like-minded people.


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