Thursday, July 17, 2008

Big Dig - $15billion was just the beginning

When are we going to learn that these people simply don't care about our interests? As much as I had issues with Governor Romney, at least he tried to do something about this mess when a woman died because glue was used to adhere 1-ton cement tiles to the ceiling of our new, leaky tunnels.

Big Dig payments have already sucked maintenance and repair money away from deteriorating roads and bridges across the state, forcing the state to float more highway bonds and to go even deeper into the hole.

Among other signs of financial trouble: The state is paying almost 80 percent of its highway workers with borrowed money; the crushing costs of debt have pushed the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, which manages the Big Dig, to the brink of insolvency; and Massachusetts spends a higher percentage of its highway budget on debt than any other state.


It's sad that Massachusetts apologists point toward "corporate corruption" as the cause for this, instead of realizing that the system as a whole is flawed, including corrupt politicians in the state allowing this to happen - knowing it while it's happening - and refusing to act. This show put on by crooked contractors and even more crooked good ol' boys shows the entire world just how twisted the Massachusetts Legislature can be.

Down South, they might be more conservative, but having a common theme helps them out as they work together and have much greater transparency in government. That's the stuff of dreams for Massachusetts residents, who are so bored with this story that they have run out of outrage every time more bad news about this failed project surfaces.

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