Friday, July 11, 2008

Foreclosure bailout puts US Currency at further risk

Since I'm traveling to Scotland later this month, I've become acutely aware of just how cheap our US Peso has become in recent months. Five Hundred USD will barely get me 200 GBP abroad, if that. And the Euro? Forget it; that's part of the reason we stuck to the UK instead of other destinations such as Germany or Italy.

The hastening of the decline of the US Empire has been caused, in part, by bad decisions on the part of economists and government puppets alike. They decided to spur false economic growth via printing ridiculous amounts of fiat currency, injecting it into the banking system for all to borrow regardless of credit score or documentation (or legal residency status), and then acting surprised when people can't or aren't willing to pay back those loans after their ceased increasing in value at unsustainable rates. Lesson learned here, and a pretty simple one - if you have to work hard to get that first house loan, you will work hard to ensure you can keep that house. In short, everyone should have seen terrible times on the horizon and quick action for change should have been taken years earlier. Why do you think Obama has been so successful with his "Change" campaign? Because most idiots have no ability to think past their own two hands, so "change" sounds good, when what we really need is a replacement of the current system.

Our dollar mysteriously (can't believe people still fool themselves about this) seems weak while salaries stay stagnant and increased unemployment looms. So, what is the solution? More bailouts and an increase in unsecured loan programs to falsely spur economic growth again.

Face it - we cannot get out of this situation by pretending it doesn't exist. As long as special interests run this country, our government will do anything to attempt to spur economic growth in the short term while forsaking the long term (illegal immigration, anyone?).


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