Thursday, May 08, 2008

Patriots ready to be indemnified against further wrongdoing

As I've stated elsewhere in this blog, the idiot masses love to bring down the best in society because in our multicultural, tolerant-everyone-or-be-labeled-a-Nazi society, extreme success reminds most people of how little they succeed every day. Never mind the fact that people are brainwashed into chasing after money and materialism, so when they see rich people succeeding (athletes or whomever), it irks them even more.

Thankfully, truth has finally reigned in the debate over just how much of an advantage the Patriots may have had when taping a few defensive signals here and there throughout the course of Bill Belichick's tenure as head coach.


This article seems to prove without a doubt that Mr. Walsh was just trying to gain some attention and cause an uproar among the masses, who now care nothing of the merit behind their original claims of "cheating", despite the fact that Walsh has nothing to offer that the NFL didn't already know and to which Belichick hasn't already admitted doing.

We need to stop pointing the finger at the successful individuals in our society, turn that finger back around, and figure out what we can do to make our own lives better every day. Stop hating on the successful among us who are dedicated to their profession and live your own life, not the lives of others!

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