Friday, May 02, 2008

Colonization vs. Immigration

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I've often been accused of racism in the past few years because I'm against excessive immigration. I keep retorting that I'm not a racist, I'm a culturalist- I'm fine with immigrants who want to come here to join our American/Canadian culture and all the high lifestyle standards that provides, in return for being some of the hardest working people in the world. I'm against people who want to colonize our land, bring in their culture, and replace it with theirs. I'm also against bringing in more people to areas where the carrying capacity is already at it's limit.

I've been rightly or wrongly criticized for that in the past- but apparently I'm not the only one who feels this way: Illiad of UserFriendly Fame, who apparently lives near a casino I once did technical support at in the mid 1990s, wrote a very good essay on his blog about the difference between "immigrants willing to join the community" and "immigrants who cut themselves off". Just so happens most of the ones down here in the states who are of the later variety start their life in the United States with an overtly criminal act, but the attitude is the same. They're sending the message, by forcing Spanish on the rest of us (or Cantonese in the sake of Richmond, BC) and by breaking our laws to come here, that they don't want to become a part of our community, that they only want to colonize us.

I'd also point out that's exactly what we English and French speakers in North America did to the Native Americans- and we should learn from their failure what happens when you let too many immigrants in who don't want to be a part of your community.

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Very nicely written summary of the differences between immigration waves of prior generations (Irish/Italian in the Eastern US) and the newer, mostly illegal waves of immigration occurring today from our buddies to the south.

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I completely agree with your statements. I live in Toronto, Canada where multi-culturalism is forced down our throats and if we dare challenge the act of over-immigration we are labelled racists as such. It's unfortunate that I feel like a stranger in many parts of the country which my family has been in for centuries. This is the new colonization--I can almost go a day in Toronto without seeing a familiar face and sometimes not hearing English.

I am a culturalist as well and have many friends from different backgrounds but what sets them apart is their Canadianization and willingness to be part of Anglo-Canadian or French-Canadian culture, politics and language.

What bothers me are ethnic enclaves, antiquated religious practice being imported and people of ethnic groups who clearly have no friends outside of their own race or culture or religion. We have opened our door to you, be a good guest or get out!

Thank you for pointing this out because we (in Canada) have been so brainwashed by multi-culti propaganda that we fail to see the cultural crisis we are heading into where each segment of society becomes increasingly compartmentalized.