Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gahh even more immigration stories!

If these stories didn't keep popping up, what would I post about??


Attouoman came to America on an exchange visa in the early 1990s and sought political asylum. Along the way, though, he misread a notice in which he was given a court hearing date to argue his case, leading a judge to order his deportation.

While I understand that the teacher is loved by his students, wasn't it irresponsible of him to make the mistake in the first place of misreading an important notice about a court date? And doesn't it seem fishy that he married someone a year and a half ago - after the initial fight to save his residency status? How the hell did this guy become a teacher in this state anyway - does he have a Master's degree?

It's fine for people to come here particularly if they want to teach our state's education plan and become part of our culture, but why the uproar over a legal and sound deportation? It's not like they're shooting the guy; he'll probably be back over here in a year after all of this is sorted out. Why our Senators would waste time trying to pass legislation to get this guy off the hook is beyond me; doesn't seem like the best use of taxpayer funds.

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