Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yeah, Belichick rules

The man himself...

Belichick was there Wednesday night, 5/28, for the Celtics' latest postseason home win. They now lead the Eastern Conference Finals, 3-2. The last time the Celtics were this close to the NBA finals was, you guessed it, in 1987 playing against Detroit. The C's won in 7 and went on to lose to the (gulp) Lakers in 7 games in the 87 finals. Guess who's up 3-1 in the Western Conference Finals right now, possibly clinching the series tonight? Yeah, that'd be LA.

I don't believe San Antonio can win three in a row against LA, but they did come back from a 2-0 deficit against a New Orleans team that I believe deserved to be there and should have beaten the Spurs. In any case, maybe the Spurs can be good enough to tire out the Lakers by forcing a least a game 6, and maybe even a game 7, while the Celtics - hopefully - get their second road win of the playoffs tomorrow night in Detroit, and earn a few days rest before the Finals. I'd love to see the C's clinch on the road, if only to shut up that goddamn announcer..."DEEE-TROIT...BASSSSKETBALLL...". Ugh.

Anyway, it's awesome to see Belichick make the public rounds - is this his chick of the week, his new wife? Who the hell is that woman? Does it matter - she's blonde and not young enough to label Belichick "creepy" for being there with her. So yeah, he's pretty much the man, to bookend this little post.

Edit 5/29/2008 - apparently the woman in queston is his new girlfriend, Linda Holliday.

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