Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Two choices in November: Coke vs. Pepsi; Vanilla vs. Chocolate; McDonalds vs. Burger King

...aaaaaaaand Obama vs. McCain.

Obama wants entitlements for all, because, hey, why not - that'll force people to accept how terribly our country is being run and further dig us into a hole of entertainment and self-gratification so we don't ask any tough questions of our leaders. By the way, um, how does this constitute "change"?

McCain doesn't really care much about immigration (remember, he's the guy that supported the most recent amnesty bill), so he also wants entitlements, indirectly, for most. He also considers the war in Iraq a success because his party leaders will insist on invading Iran to continue the world's colonization once Bush is out of office. And with all that money going to our defense budget, will it be any wonder when he wins in November, seeing as how he has a military background?

Money buys elections, people; your own votes don't even count when the Democrats openly debate what percentage of a delegate goes to each candidate, not even considering the popular vote for a second anymore. Democracy is already over.

Neither of these morons care that our country is being reverse-colonized by Mexico, and yet America is out there colonizing the rest of the planet (Iraq, Iran, Indonesia). What's that - did I just hear someone say Rome's final days? McCain definitely fits the bill for fiddle-player as the city burns due to decay from within and a population which doesn't care to protect the city, so why not vote for him?

Imagine what the Mexico reverse-colonialism would be like if they had a strong culture - like, I don't know, the Muslims who are invading Europe via illegal immigration and subsequent over-breeding to simply out-number the European natives? It's become so bad in Europe that Berlusconi was voted back into power recently in Italy to help stop the immigration crisis they're facing. Italy has reverse population growth; that is, Italian citizens are not breeding at replacement levels. As is the case in America (except we're even more growth-hungry when it comes to politics and the economy), Italy began accepting illegal Romanian and Albanian immigrants to do all those "jobs" (oh wait, Italy has none available even for their own citizens) that Italians don't want to do (sound familiar?). Finally, their citizens wisened up and are now fighting back a bit. That won't happen here with the consumer culture and power structure we have in place now. At least Italy still retains some hope.

As advocates - End Democracy '08! I think McCain will push our society to hell faster than Obama. Obama only wants to tow the line, to keep diabetes prevalent in our society; to give entitlements to illegals to keep our economy growing so that he looks good when people continue to spend money on things they don't need and build up huge piles of debt; to keep people 'secure' in their jobs even as corporations move those jobs to India and China (who's going to stop them...and in the name of what; democracy, freedom?).

A vote for McCain is a vote to End Democracy - let's do it, people!

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