Friday, June 06, 2008

I went to a baseball game and a hockey game broke out...

Bad blood had been boiling from Wednesday night's confrontations between Crisp and Joe Maddon, Crisp and Jason Bartlett, Crisp and Akinori Iwamura. Sure enough, the second pitch to Crisp from Rays starter James Shields in the second inning last night struck the batter's upper right thigh. For a second, Crisp hesitated. He dropped his bat.

Then he dropped his helmet and rushed the mound. Crisp's head snapped back, Matrix-style, as Shields swung and missed with a right. Crisp landed a punch. The benches then cleared, and in the center of it all, Crisp was at the bottom of a pig pile. Dioner Navarro wrestled him to the ground, and Jonny Gomes and Carl Crawford started firing punches, Gomes pounding away from atop Crisp.

Crisp stood by his locker after the game, smiling, with the remnants of the brawl on his face. He had scratches on his forehead and a red abrasion under his left eye. His nose looked slightly swollen.

"The scratches on my face are from people trying to scratch like we're playing football or something," he said. "Like little girls, trying to scratch out my eyes."


Who needs NBA Finals basketball when you can take your kid to see millionaire athletes duking it out in a non-contact sport? Still, I have to say the entertainment value here is very high, and goes to show just what type of people are paid crazy salaries for the sole purpose of our entertainment every day.

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