Thursday, June 19, 2008

Civil rights for all while society ignores the larger issues


Fourteen years ago, Henry K. Boateng was sentenced to life in prison without parole after a Worcester jury convicted him of beating his 5-week-old son to death and viciously attacking the baby's mother.

Now, Boateng, who has changed his name to Daniel Yeboah-Sefah and identifies himself as a Buddhist, has won a significant legal victory: A federal judge found that the state prison system violated his civil rights by denying him a vegan diet.

We're too busy worrying about what the most reprehensible among us are eating in prison to realize that morons who kill babies should be expelled from society, never to return. If you want to murder a child, why not leave society and live the way you want, taking your insane ideas with you? A better, more healthy society would cage these animals up to rot, use them as entertainment fodder to fight to the death, or put them on an island somewhere. Want a vegan diet, Henry? Try surviving, Lost-style, with no Dharma hatches or food drops to save you - with other alpha-male criminals. Stop robbing taxpayer dollars by bringing insanity like this into our court system.

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