Monday, March 31, 2008

Piracy is a Sinking Ship

When I observe the piracy debate, I see these two camps whine over self-interests. The media industry wants a tight monopoly on everything they produce and the consumers want the right to consume as freely and cheaply as they can. It's like a zoo, where the caretaker brainwashes chimps with bananas and suddenly the chimps go wild and do anything to get their hands on a yellow fruit. I'm not sure our lives will get better if we're allowed to download all the music in the world. Likewise, I don't see the industry contributing with anything of artistic or cultural worth, even if they bring in 30 instead of 20 million dollars on Alien 6 or American Pie 98.

Piracy is a sinking ship. It's an embarrassing remnant of a society that only revolves around financial profits and self-interests. Some people will say it's good to be able to download a CD or a movie before buying it, and I agree with this, but we all know this piracy cult is not really just about "trying out new stuff." Like TV, video games and sex, it's more like a drug to make us endure our passive, boring lives. We're tired of all shit around us and therefore consume entertainment to pass the time for an hour or two. All talk about "new releases," "sequels" and "special cuts" is just bullshit to have something to discuss.


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