Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cubans happy to suck off the American teet

The five already are in Lake Worth, a town north of Boca Raton, according to The Herald, which reached the players by phone Wednesday.

"'We're fine, calm, feeling hopeful about our new lives," Bermudez told The Herald. "Of course, we're nervous because we're young, have no family here, and we don't yet know the way of life here, but we hope the Cuban and American communities will help us get started."

Their first order of business when they got away from the hotel on Tuesday was to buy a cell phone, contact a lawyer -- and celebrate with a Cuban meal, according to The Herald.


Let me guess - free Medicare, free health care, free everything, while our own citizens are struggling to get by...lovely...what a great story of hope and courage - people living in a country where they have hardly any responsibility, to come to another country where they have even less responsibility but more consumer goods to marvel over!

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