Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Celts still crazy-good

The Celtics are, as of today, still the only 50-win team in the league - after a huge comeback win in San Antonio Monday night and a thumping of the Rockets. Twenty-two is the magic number this week so far - they came back from 22 down in the first half to beat the Spurs and stopped the Rockets' win streak at 22. It doesn't mean much, right, because this is still the regular season? Well, when you consider that the team is 21-4 against the Western Conference this season, the Finals this year, IF the Celtics can make it through a seven-game series against one or both of the Cavs and Pistons, should be just the last stepping stone to eventual glory for the C's this season.

Even though the Pats choked in the Super Bowl, they still went 16-0 in the regular season and Brady & Moss still looked like Montana & Rice all year. Plus, the Sox just won a championship, something called the World Series, back in October. A 17th banner in the TDBankNorth Garden would right the ship after that damn Super Bowl...and with the way the Pats are adding corners and safeties to their roster even ahead of the draft, don't be surprised if they hoist the Lombardi again next year.

Damn, I wish more Jets fans read this thing.

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