Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Corrupt.org post from Alex Birch

On my way from the train station today I spotted a group of upset leftists, standing by the sidewalk, holding up a large flag saying "NO INDIVIDUAL IS ILLEGAL." Even though no people were paying any attention, the proud communists repeatedly screamed out slogans for equality and peace, as if to summon a supernatural god from Soviet past.

This is the religious mantra that our society is brainwashing us with on TV every day. The dogmatic message of world peace achieved through a utopian world government is not unique to leftism; the globalist elite is promising millions of clueless workers the same dream. The idea is that if we remove everything that makes us unique (and thereby unequal), we'll all live happily as industrial clones in a fairy tale society.

You have to be either really stupid or really brainwashed to buy into this idea. Mainstream leftism, although historically responsible for genocide of the aristocracy, mass slave labour that led to mass poverty, and some of the most insane leaders being put to power, is more than willing to join hands with neo-liberalism and other ideologies that claim we're all equal, special, important and legal.

I don't buy this. If you ask me, I'd like to illegalize all of these whining leftists and deport them to Africa, where they'd be forced to aid all third world disaster with their magic hands. I'm sure they'd fancy the militaristic regimes, primitive lifestyles, violent suburbs and cultural confusion. While at it, why not include all drug dealers, criminals, defectives and perverts that right now are populating our communities? We'll let them survive on their own and if they fail, who'll miss them?

Let's end the drama of humanism once and for all. No one believes in this fairy tale society anymore, especially not the middle class people who've observed their neighbourhoods becoming increasingly violent, corrupt and poor. The people who want to keep all defectives should stop bitching on the street and start acting accordingly; move out and establish your own society, regardless of intelligence, culture, social status and race. We're more than happy to see you leave - have a wonderful third world experience!


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