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If an animal has babies and a runt is not able to get food from the mother it will die. This is how nature works.

Sadly our once great nation has created an UNNATURAL state that will destroy itself or be destroyed by others not because of the ignorant but because of the tolerant.

"Tolerance is the attitude of those who believe in nothing." - G. K. Chesterton

Today people and politicians have been so brainwashed and desensitized by tolerance that we don't even know when an entity is destroying us within. How could we know? The government is supposed to have the people's best interest in mind. Is it in the interest of the middle class for our GOVERNMENT to pay for someone else's food, shelter, DOCTOR bills? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Is it in the best interest to not only give out these things but elect a president who make more of these programs? Personally I do not think that there is person running that is going to change. Every candidate with a chance to win is basically the same.

America is so corrupted and tolerant that it is basically an anarchy. Anything goes man. Our leaders desire power but don't care about the citizens.

Every option at the moment lacks any character capable of being called a "President of the USA".

***********NOTE (via Edit)***********

Please understand that in no way do I tolerate any sort of forced method by which the disabled in our society would be left to rot. Part of the few remaining values I love in this country include the willingness for society to help those out who TRULY NEED assistance living their everyday lives, and even trying to integrate them into society. This is the most giving nation in the world - to a fault, per my below point. Understanding that my spouse's work is in the area of human services, I've met many wonderful people who either have had autism, or younger, troubled children with a real chance at contributing to society with the right people - like her - helping them along into adulthood, when she worked at a home for younger children. This is truly a great accomplishment in our society; in Europe, they still look at you sideways if you have any kind of disability - I've seen it firsthand.

My thoughts and philosophy surrounding the above issues in the original post may seem cruel, but the people I would cast aside in a new, better society would be those that are consistently lazy, hateful, and who have a choice as to whether or not they would like to become active members of our society, but rather refuse and attempt to live off other's tax dollars, blaming everyone but themselves for their plight. The problem in our government is not that we help the disabled, but that we mistakenly help the fully able: those with a choice as to whether or not they need unemployment benefits, welfare; the child abusers, the rapists, the crooks; the people who treat those who need their trust with complete disregard. These are the people society should send to prison without a second thought, or cut off completely and tell them to get off their asses and pay their income taxes like everyone else for the betterment of society.

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