Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Land of Bacon

Email from JF:

The Boston Phoenix cover story this week is all about bacon. That fucking rules. When my Dad was done in the service [editor's note: NAM, BABY!] and he and my Mom were getting ready to move back to the Boston area, they were cleaning out their fridge and there were two pounds of uncooked bacon that my mom was going to throw away. My dad, being the fucking war hero that he is told her no fucking way, cook it up bitch - and he proceeded to eat TWO FUCKING POUNDS OF BACON IN ONE SITTING. Since then, he has never eaten bacon again, but has always been my hero. I think it's time to get him back on the bacon bandwagon. And i think Byam is just the man to do that. I can just picture, Byam in his tight little cabana shorts and crocs, shoving slice after pan-fried slice of crisp pigmeat down my Dad's gullet. That would fucking rule.

Yes, J...that WOULD fucking rule. Since I'm already too portly, I indulge in slices of turkey-thigh bacon, which is actually quite good..but somehow, the above story simply wouldn't be the same if it involved bird instead of pig.

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