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While the NFL world still waits for something to happen regarding the indemnity impasse between the league and the attorney for former Pats employee Matt Walsh, more and more of our readers and friends have been tracking down information about Walsh.

A couple of them found this slideshow from Walsh's 2004 wedding. Two of the photos caught our eye.

In the first one, Walsh is in what appears to be his bedroom, with a collection of Super Bowl posters. The irony is obvious, given that many in the media believe that he was/is the source for the story that appeared in the Boston Herald regarding alleged cheating by the Patriots in connection with Super Bowl XXXVI. Here it is:

The other photo, shot in the same room, shows a bunch of official NFL footballs that Walsh likely didn't buy off the shelf at a local sporting goods store. And unless the Pats routinely give multiple footballs away to low-level employees, videotapes might not be the only thing he "borrowed" from the franchise when he left:

Also, as to the 31-year-old Walsh's claim that he played golf at Springfield (Mass.) College, this link to the historical rosters of the team contains no one named Matt Walsh in 1997, 1998, 1999, or 2000. It's possible that he played in 1995 or 1996; those records aren't available on the page linked above.

Does anyone of this have anything to do with whether he knows something incriminating? Nope. But to the extent he isn't able to tell a clear and persuasive story, any evidence of embellishment or outright fabrication will hurt him.

The guy robbed all kinds of crap from the Patriots...its incredible!! You all have to see this!! Arlen, Matt Walsh and your sucky Eagles will burn in hell.

And people wonder why Commissioner Goodell has said Walsh has all the immunity he wants IF he tells the truth. For some reason that isn't good enough for Matt Walsh's lawyer, who wants full immunity no matter what. So the lawyer wants Matt Walsh to be able to fabricate a story to damage the Patriots, with no jail time for lying in a court of law...? That makes a lot of sense. Typical passive-aggressive behavior; a golf pro living in Hawaii, embittered about being released by the Patriots, bringing up a fabricated story about more videotapes from 2001-2002. I'm glad Belichick finally commented on all this, stating he couldn't "pick Matt Walsh out of a lineup".

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