Friday, November 30, 2007

The week's sports...

Of course, the above picture is just one of the best pieces of art I've ever seen. Great stuff.

Patriots look to go 12-0 in Baltimore this coming Monday Night in the third Pats' night game in a row.

Celtics, rebounding after a tough loss to budding rivals Cleveland, rebounded by absolutely destroying the Knicks 104-59.

Red Sox look to be in the lead in the "Sign Johan Santana at any cost" sweepstakes. Oh wait...that should actually read: "We're the Minnesota Twins, PLEASE sign Johan Santana so we can get SOMETHING for him as he already rejected $18million/year from us...Sox? Yanks? You can just give us prospects and one of your least desirable players; really! PLEASE take this off our hands NOW so we don't look like idiots at the end of the season when he hits the free agent market and we get nothing for him!!!" Yeah, something like that.

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