Saturday, November 03, 2007

"I coach through fear."

This says it all for me.

SIMMS: We go to the Colts practices and you never hear the coaches say anything in practice. The only person you really hear at an Indianapolis Colts practice is Peyton Manning because he is telling everyone what to do. His style (Tony Dungy) is so different from Bill Belichick's.

I asked Bill Belichick once before the Super Bowl in Houston, how would you describe your coaching style? And he responded, 'I coach through fear. I tell people they better play better or I'll bench them or it will cost them their job.' That is how he learned. I don't know if he still coaches exactly that way but he definitely has a different style than Tony Dungy.
Belichick has balls and Dungy doesn't.

I can't wait...

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