Monday, November 26, 2007

More Sports - Thanksgiving Weekend wrap

- Good article/rant on Brazilian footballers and the effect showing only utter dominance on TV can have in a country as it relates to soccer:

First, I thought it was one of my own blog rants. Then I realized they were merely quoting FIFA President Scott Blatter. I hope he stays president for a while and can change the rules - I don't want to see a Brazilian suiting up in Italian blue for the national team any time soon.

Clubs are one thing - Milan should be able to sign anyone in the world willing to play there; most players on American professional teams are not from the hometown. This is professional sports. But the idea of allowing this to extend to national team matches is outrageous, and if the rules aren't changed soon, Blatter has a point: we may see naturalized Brazilians (or whomever) playing ANYWHERE.

Why a Brazilian would want to play for a national team other than Brazil is beyond me. They have five world cups and, much as I hate to admit it, are the class of the world (until Italy wins their fifth in 2010!). I guess if you're not good enough to play for Brazil, move to Croatia like da Silva did, and become a naturalized citizen. Residence as defined by FIFA should simply be based on birthplace, or some amount of years that would prohibit someone from deliberately planning to be naturalized into a country for the sake of playing international soccer, like fifteen years.

- Pats almost lost last night. Yes, it's big news when the Patriots do not blow a team out. I'm still hoping for Brady to capture the season TD record, passing yards record, and would love to see Moss catch something like 30 TDs. The Pats are too well-coached to allow one game of poor play in the secondary affect them, so the 19-0 hopes are very much alive.

- Celts are 10-1 on Ray Allen's last-second three pointer in Charlotte the other night, after containing Kobe and the Lakers the night prior. Ridiculous. Please don't wake me up just yet.

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