Friday, November 30, 2007

Ride the Bulleit!

JF and I enjoy partaking in the occasional drink together. If you replace "occasional" with "daily" and "drink" with "glass after glass of straight-up booze", you might get the general idea. But seriously, nothing is better than the Bulleit, so far, as bourbons go. It's got a smooth, oaky taste that is very flavorful but not overly sweet. After polishing off a bottle of Gentleman Jack over the course of a couple of months (it did take me that long, only because I'd go drink JF's booze when we got together), I found it to be a great whiskey, but a bit on the sweet side.

Then JF introduced me to Bulleit when, by some queer happenstance (like how I just used both the words "queer" and "happenstance" in a sentence?), we found $1.00 nips at a local liquor store. $1.00 for 50mL of great Frontier Whiskey, as they call it, which adds up to $15.00 for 750mL, which is HALF THE NORMAL PRICE OF A 750mL BOTTLE. Sick f***s that we are, we decided to clear this liquor store out of all Bulleit nips at every opportunity.

Officially, it's known as "Straight Bourbon Whiskey", likely due to its age and how it's aged. Not sure on that, I'm no expert, but I do like a good bourbon, and Bulleit is great stuff - highly recommended.

Check it out here. Can be bought in Braintree, MA and Route 16, Arlington/Medford border.

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