Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sports Guy Q&A session

My favorite question of the SG Mailbag:

Q: If Boston gets Santana from the Twins, why don't you just take my wife and my 14-week-old daughter while you are at it? Minnesota is truly the farm system for every single Boston professional sports team. I can't wait to watch Brady hand off to Adrian Peterson in three years.-- Adam W., Rosemount, Minn.

Classic. Did I mention the Celtics are 19-2?

OK maybe this one is my favorite...

Q: While visiting one of our friends in Boston this past weekend, a few of my college buddies and I spent Saturday getting hammered at various bars near Fenway. When we called it a night, we took the T back to the Maverick station, a trip that included half of the train spontaneously singing "Don't Stop Believing." When we got off the train, we decided to step into this bar called Eddie C's, a dive with none other than Pabst Blue Ribbon on tap. When we got inside, we encountered a few regulars with the strongest accents imaginable, who asked us if we were Sox fans. We aren't, which was fine by them, until my friend Tommy proclaimed his allegiance to the Yankees. They all gasped immediately, and one of them shouted, while smiling ear to ear, "... let's tie him to a tree!!!" He proceeded to reach into his jacket and, I kid you not, pulled out a 12-foot rope. We went outside and my friend was, yes, tied to a tree, complete with some road cones. The scene was unbelievable. We decided to leave when the same guy showed us his knife and said that he could cut some more rope if we needed it.-- John, Washington, D.C.

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