Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Santana may be coming to the Sox

I've held off writing about this until the last moment, and now it appears the Sox and Twins are working out a deal for Minnesota Twins lefty pitcher Johan Santana - pretty much the biggest name in free agency this offseason.

Santana is a two-time Cy Young winner - if given the opportunity to play during the last year of his contract, Minnesota will have no leverage because Santana will just keep pitching real well until he hits unrestricted free agency. Minnesota knows this as he already turned down Minnesota's highest offer, $18million per year, so Minneosta has been shopping him around so they get something in return for him. Enter Boston and New York, the usual suspects.

It looked for a couple of grim days as if the Red Sox were willing to part with Jacoby Ellsbury, their prized 2008 Rookie of the Year, who only outdid Coco Crisp in CF, particularly on offense, when it counted. Now it appears as though the Sox will be letting go of Jon Lester, the cancer survivor who went 11-2 this year and clinched Game 4 of the World Series, Coco Crisp, and a couple of prospects. I hate the idea of giving up Lester but the reason the Sox have such a deep farm system is precisely so they have building blocks, as well as some trade bait for a team like Minnesota ready to trade a superstar player. Lester would only play every five days and no one knows what he will do over the next couple of years. Ellsbury, on the other hand, has not played as long as Lester in the bigs, but he's got so much speed and natural talent that he just should not be traded away, period. You can never have too much pitching but the Sox have to think about a rotation that makes everyone happy; with Ellsbury, they can get rid of Crisp with a clear conscience and start their CF of the future. Everybody wins.

Thank you, Minnesota...you've single-handedly broken 86 years of baseball drought AND 21 years of basketball drought, all in the same decade ... just for the wrong CITY. Losers.



It's strange....Moss, who came from Minny originally...Garnett...Ortiz...now Santana? I think since McHale started working there he's been infesting every sport with his hairy self.

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