Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ride the Bulleit! Part II

So I've already written about my newfound fascination for whiskeys (specifically, Kentucky bourbons). I've dug deeper and found a great resource, Chuck Cowdery. His blog (click here) is a great place to read about the industry, and his website is a great place to brush up on some basics. He was kind enough to recommend some good bourbons based upon my taste for Bulleit and Maker's Mark. Next up will be Evan Williams Single Barrel, if I can find one in the area.

Massachusetts does not allow liquor to be mailed, neither within the state nor from out of state. It makes my quest to find a good bourbon more complicated, but it's more fun to hunt them down and ask about them at local liquor stores - at this point, at least. Having more than one bottle of bourbon in the house is already going overboard for me as I don't drink very often, but do enjoy finer spirits, when I do partake. If I become an amateur collector, I may have to move to a state that allows me to order bourbon!

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