Friday, April 17, 2009

Working out and eating MEAT

My friend JF and I get into a good workout routine when the weather brightens in the spring, making it a point to go running on nice days during our weekly get-togethers so as to counterbalance the potentially filling/heavy food & drink we will consume later.

We're lucky enough to live in a great area of Massachusetts, so we run a 2.25 mile route (when we're in better shape, 4.5 miles - twice around) around a pond which is right nearby a Whole Foods & a liquor store. The events of last evening were as follows & are becoming regular, and are also depicted below:

  • Run with JF and his dog for a few miles around a scenic pond

  • Put dog in car, go to Whole Foods and buy some meat/food

  • Go to liquor store and choose a couple of beers - my favorite lately have been Czech and German lagers (Warsteiner, Czechvar, etc.)

  • Cook up meat on grill

It's still early spring, so it's nice to know there's a good few more months of this type of activity left. Nothing like a man/meatfest to end a week!

This particular feast included Sam Adams-infused bratwurst, 93% lean sirloin burgers, black forest extra-thick bacon, focaccia rolls, soft cheese, spicy mustard, garbanzo bean & couscous concoction by JF, and Czechvar beer. A true feast!

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