Thursday, April 09, 2009

US Naval fleet falls apart before our eyes

"Greatest military force the Earth has ever seen", huh?

WASHINGTON—The piracy crisis over a lone hostage in the Indian Ocean took on the familiar air of a cops-and-robbers standoff, with the U.S. Navy seeking advice Thursday from seasoned FBI negotiators.

Their goal: Resolve the incident without military force.
As the FBI joined the delicate negotiations, the shipping company Maersk said that the safety of Capt. Richard Phillips is its No. 1 priority. Barack Obama, facing one of the first national security tests of his presidency, declined comment Thursday when asked about the standoff.


So our Naval fleet, instead of using force to ensure this humanitarian aid ship can get on with its business, is enlisting the help of FBI negotiators? That must be comforting to the hostages.

Instead of being overly tolerant of moron "pirates" who fancy themselves heroes, kill them with long-range sniper attacks and salvage what you can of the vessel.

UPDATE 4/17/2009:

Navy SEALS shot three of the pirates in the head, killing them, using only three bullets. Good work! Unfortunately, we'll now have to listen to the liberal media talk about the poor, poor Somali pirates and how they're not really at fault because they were abused as children...look for that on Nightline within a month or two.

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