Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New project

I shared with my fellow writers the fact that I'll be a father soon (woo hoo!). Before I realized my wife was pregnant, I already had some pretty strong feelings on parenthood. I was very fortunate to have a mother at home when I was young and never had to be sent to day care. I feel I'm a better person because I had great parents who were there for me. I also believe family planning in this society we view as so "enlightened" is piss-poor these days. I see too many children being coddled, oversocialized on the playground & undersocialized within their own families, or just plain plopped in front of a television. Life is far too precious - okay, I know, let me be corny for just a minute - to waste it on day care providers and DVD producers. Even day care providers I know are horrified at the age at which some parents drop their kids into their arms to raise.

The reason I bring into this is because I brought this issue to We brainstormed how we could try to get more family-type posts and Alex at Corrupt wanted me to start a series of "Family" columns. I told him I'm no expert and wouldn't want to make it preachy, since I just found out I'll be a Dad in six months or so. He told me to just use what I know of's mission as well as my own writing style to formulate a series of posts centering on what is wrong with today's ideas of parenting & what I feel is a better way.

I'm up to the challenge, and a couple of posts have already been published. The column can be seen at the below link. Enjoy!

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