Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Automotive blog

I've decided to start a new automotive blog, at the following link:

This blog is not for mechanics or DIY-experts. We have plenty of forums for things like that. This is mainly to discuss luxury import vehicles, though that's not to say I won't be writing about some of the better American offerings here and there. I may even have a second author enlisted if he has time to post.

The point is to give some general ideas and thoughts to new passenger vehicles. Will I occasionally write about F1 racing, Ferraris, over-$100K cars, etc.? Sure, but most of it will focus on cars that most people can afford if they buy used and only a few years old.

The direction of the blog will undoubtedly change over time, just as this one has. While it's tempting to rewrite history and export some of my car posts from this blog into my new blog, I think I'd rather get a fresh start and worry about linking to past car posts here and at at a later date.


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