Monday, January 05, 2009

More spilled coffee

On 10/17/2007, I started a blog called "Spilled Coffee". I remember thinking back to how my wife told me I should start a blog, after I became agitated that I had once again spilled coffee all over my cubicle (and ruined a keyboard). I seem to do this within the first few months of starting any job. Click here for the original entry.

This winter has already seen plenty of snow, much like last winter; and much like last winter, I'm hoping the snow tapers off and we get more rain and warmer weather over the next few months. Why? Well, it's fun to tear around in a German vehicle with all-wheel drive in this stuff. But aside from that, and aside from the fact that the cold really doesn't bother me all that much (I actually prefer to run outside in cooler temperatures), the snow makes things slippery when it ices over.

This morning, I was heading to work, grabbed my coffee and laptop out of the car, and walked the nice brick walkway to the front door. I slipped, and had just enough to time to think - before my elbow broke my back's fall - that I nearly avoided any pain by being able to throw one leg down real quick and avoid a fall. Didn't happen. Luckily, no one was around to see my fall; I lay there for a few moments, just wondering if I had broken anything. I realized quickly that at worst I had scraped some skin off my elbow area, even though I had a coat on. Turns out it's probably just a bruise (it's only been an hour or so).

I cursed a few times and rounded up my things - laptop, a couple of bags, and - oops - my coffee mug. Yes - coffee had indeed spilled once again, though this time safely away from me, and outside on the ice where it was providing some nice melting.

Anyway, all this reminded me of why I initially started this blog and where it's taken me. It hasn't really taken me anywhere - it's not like I'm paid to blog on some major site. But my friend, TD, who's currently wrapping up a PhD in Education, told me a while ago that my writing and grammar were higher than average, and he even sends me work to edit from time to time. Back in October 2007, I started the blog so I could share it with my wife and one of my best friends, who actually insisted on a soundboard instead of a blog. The blog was nice and goofy for a bit, as I'm a nice and goofy person, but after a while it evolved.

Even though I know barely anyone reads this blog, when I started writing about more serious topics - American (lack of) culture and news story snippets with my commentary - I began contributing at Many of my posts for a while were simply links to particularly fine blog entries and articles by the staff. I asked the bona fide editor of Corrupt, Alex Birch, if there was room on the site for a car care article. I figured he wouldn't be interested but his feeling was that many people who read the site drive cars, so why not?

The car care guide is where my contributions to Corrupt began. Then I wrote a computer care guide. Finally I delved into some local news items on and provided commentary per the Corrupt model. In November, I provided the site with an interview with Dr. Albert Bartlett on the topic of overpopulation, both in audio and written formats.

So I guess this blog was good for something; without it, I may not have ever thought to contribute to Corrupt but rather stay on the sidelines reading what other people write, as most do. It may not be the constant humor-fest envisioned when I started it, but reflecting back on its beginning and having just entered a new year, I figured some reflection was in order. It's evolved, that's what's important, and I hope it continues to do so.

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