Thursday, January 10, 2008

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Here's some bits and pieces. Now you know why I despise organized religion.

Hindu vs. Christianity in India

(and no, I'm not Hindu, but they make an interesting point)

Christian psychology is very simple: life on earth includes pain, horror, suffering and death. Because we cannot change these aspects of reality, we naturally have to look for comfort elsewhere. That comfort is in Christian faith called "Heaven," an imaginary place where competition, destruction, death and pain don't exist. And what better way of justifying all of this, than an absolute authority that we cannot perceive but is still "there," beyond earthly logic? Convenient, isn't it?

Hindu religion takes a more realistic approach to life. Existence on earth is filled with horror but since it's all just a part of a cosmic cycle - life->death->new life - it makes more sense to accept it and move on. When we're no longer held back by fear of pain and death, we can spend our time enjoying life to its fullest. It's a positive, constructive spiritual faith that regards personal fears as something we must overcome. The individual doesn't matter, life as a cycle does.

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