Wednesday, January 16, 2008

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Our society depends upon one thing more than anything else: dollar bills. Once you take away the jobs, the stores, the infrastructure—everything that's in place and operates because of money—lives collapse. People think they will become homeless and inevitably die if they can't get to work, starve if they can't get to the store, become bedridden if they can't drive their cars on the road. Their judgment is clouded. They push aside all logic and reason, all thought, in order to do whatever it is they feel they "need" to.

Furthermore, people don't care about anyone that isn't them. Sometimes people act on what they feel is in their best interest, but other times it's purely selfishness. So what if the city tells you the roads are unsafe? You gotta get to work/the store/the casino/the strip club. The result: fatal car accidents. And it's the fault of the road commissions, of course.

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