Wednesday, July 15, 2009

If SPR Is Wrong, I Don't Wanna Be Right

As usual, Spinoza Ray Prozak, a.k.a. Brett Stevens, has made his point loud and clear over at I can't say it better than SPR, so I'll include a link and some fun facts from his newest article, "Equality As A Tool Of The Salesperson":

Of course, it was witless this whole time to assume consequences would not arrive. They did, and now thirty years later, we're awakening to the fact that:

- We have eliminated the open spaces natural species need to breed, frolic, hunt and nest.

- We have made toxic most of our air and water.

- We have created ugly, utilitarian cities of square shapes.

- Our societies reward the biggest drama queens because drama is necessary to rise above equality.

- We are entering an age of constant political conflict where unlimited wants meet finite reality.

- We have dumbed ourselves down by insisting on equality instead of rewarding the exceptional.

- Our climate may or may not be getting ready to destroy us -- our authorities cannot agree.

- If you ask any modern person their woes, once you get beyond the car payments and toothaches, you will find that these consequences at the root of their misery. Essentially, the social infrastructure is rotted and has been replaced by social preference, which leads to the lowest common denominator enthroned as the optimum.


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