Thursday, May 07, 2009

Health care mess chasing people out of state

I posted on Corrupt here about a recent health care story in the news.

The driving points are as follows:
  • Massachusetts legislators are looking for new & creative ways to force hospitals & doctors to spend less taxpayer dollars
  • Hospitals & doctors are just trying to do their jobs but are being squeezed by insurance companies
  • Insurance companies are squeezing patients as the result of above

We've seriously considered leaving the state, and if this mess of health care and increased taxes continues, I don't know how we can afford to stay here any longer. There's too much corruption, red tape, and government interference, and the worst part is, the traditional values of Massachusetts are so misaligned with where we are now. I can't call another state home, but I may have to at least try it out for a bit with the increasing squeeze being put on the middle class.

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