Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Ron Paul on Glenn Beck: Globalism is a nightmare

Truer words were never spoken:

"The solutions are going to be presented as gigantic and global, and the answer is going to be local – the answer is going to come from you and your local community and state, not the globe."

Yet another argument in favor of parallelism - even the mass media and business interests are warming up to the idea that the entire world's hands in America's pie can only be a bad thing.

Imagine having grown up in Eastern Europe or Soviet Russia. Your newly elected American President saddles up to the G7 summit indicating he'd be open to a world currency and all kinds of solutions where we open up the flood gates to input from other nations. Of course every country in the world is going to love it because they all want America to be run in the same pseudo-socialist way. It's a passive-aggressive bully mentality and the US has absolutely no need to consider input from any other nations on how our country should be run.

Being a Massachusetts resident, I already see some of the problems with half-socialist/half-capitalist regimes, and I can tell you that the future of this country is a dark one if we sell out to foreign nations (more than we already have).

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