Wednesday, December 03, 2008 postings

This blog has been inactive lately, for a few reasons: the holidays, being sick the last few days, and becoming a staff member at

Wait, what was that last thing again?

Editor Alex Birch has thought enough of my recent contributions to make me a staff member, the responsibilities of which consist mainly of writing blog posts. There's also a neat radio show/interview I did with respected emeritus professor Dr. Albert Bartlett (found at the link below). I wasn't thrilled with my journalistic capabilities in terms of on-the-fly reactions and follow up questions, but otherwise I think it turned out okay.

My blog posts on can be followed here:


This link only catches blog entries. For example, I also did a movie review for them recently, and that's in the Culture section. To follow all of my activity on the site, you can go here:


And look for where the "Author" column has my username.

I was thrilled that Alex asked me to become a staff member and only hope I can continue to contribute in a way which lends itself to the values of Corrupt.

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